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A successful website translates your vision to reality based on individual professional design. A successful website not only reac0es the audience, but also keeps your audience on the page. A successful website transmits the true values of your business and serves as a pillar to your customer relations.


The success of a website depends on many factors. In order to reach your intended audience, the website should  achieve high score in the search engines and appear on the search lists of your audience. The search engine optimisation should start already at the website planning and design stage to achieve maximum impact within reasonable time.


Impressive short promotion videos to reinforce your e-marketing strategy via  youtube or other social media outreach.


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Have a look at our sample websites. All our websites are responsive, and mobile friendly to ensure high quality user experience.

Our websites are dynamic, flexible and can be extended with countless tailored solutions and applications, including appearing in several languages.

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Zoli is fast, patient and does not rest until he find a solution to a particular problem. In addition, he does not take any criticism badly. He is always open to changes and carries them out with a positive attitude, even if there would be a reason to be ‘grumpy’ in the numerous run-ups.


Working together with Zoli is always results in a very positive outcome and happens in good spirit. Zoli has very constructive ideas and is always focused on making the clients wishes and ideas happen.

Berentés Zoltán, CEO Hun Assistance

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About Me

I am Zoltán Pukli, have spent my profesional life in various  information tehcnology and communication fields.

During the past years, life demaded that I  find a job that I can do flexibly from anywhere. That’s why I switched and snapped myself into the mysteries of website creation.

Nowadays, one of the most important values ​​in business is reliability, of course, with expertise. For me, continuous communication and exchange of information is also a key element in a successful collaboration. Why is that? The answer is very simple. The customer is looking for my services because creating a website is not necessarily within his comfort zone and expertise. And I can only implement the imagined website successfully if I understand exactly what the customer needs. That’s why, from the first minute, I’ll explain the expected steps and help you with everything. I will always try to ask the right questions without any jargon, answer all the questions and make the whole web design and development process transparent for you.

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